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Reference: 19/197     Approx Age: 10 months

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I need lots of attention and training.

Ozzy is a typical energetic pup who is looking for lots of guidance and socialising.  He is eager to learn and explore the world. Ozzy is getting to grips with his housetraining but this will of course take time and consistency. He has shared his home with an old staffie who we were told he was good with. However, as he is a young and boisterous pup so pushes the boundaries with dogs, so he requires a tolerant dog who will not get stressed by having an exuberant youngster around. Ozzy has not had much experience of cats, only one he saw briefly in the distance. If he was to share with a cat, the cat must be confident with big dogs. Ozzy is a mouthy youngster who proves too much for young children. Since being at the centre we have got him accustomed to a crate which he chooses to go in to sleep so this will be beneficial for his ongoing training once he is adopted. Ozzy is full of energy and love to share.


Ozzy was handed in for rehoming as his owners felt he was not the right match for their family.

Re-homing Criteria

Ozzy requires and owner who is committed to his ongoing training and socialising. He has proved too much for young children and we feel as he is a large bull breed he would be best suited to a home without young children. Ozzy is looking for a home with owners who understand American Bull dogs and know he requires guidance and lots of stimulation. If he is to share his next home with other animals, they will need to be confident and tolerant of a young boisterous puppy.

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