Adopt a Dog

If you are looking for a dog, please visit the website regularly. Here's how it works ...

We admit new dogs every week and the staff endeavour to list them on the website within 48 hours.

Some dogs may need a little more time to settle and for the staff to get to know them before they are listed and ready to start meeting potential adopters. Strays are not available for rehoming until 7 days have elapsed so that their old owner has a chance to reclaim them. Sometimes dogs marked reserved will appear on the website longer than you might expect - this may be due to difficulties in arranging a home visit if outwith Dumfries and Galloway, but also please be aware that we do not remove their listings until we have had a satisfactory follow-up call to ensure all is going well. In addition, when we get a specific breed or type in, we will first check our database of pre-registered people to ensure someone isn't already waiting for one - this is why sometimes new dogs will appear already reserved and some dogs don't even stay long enough to appear at all!

If you would like to register for a specific breed or breeds (up to 3) please visit the "How to Adopt" page for a generic Homefinder questionnaire. You can also register an interest in a reserved dog in this way - a dog may be reserved more than once before finding their ideal home.