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Reference: 19/086
Approx Age: 3 years


Cooper is a very energetic spaniel who lacks confidence with new people in his space. He has come from a home with 2 adults and a teenager. Cooper is very strong on lead and lacks recall training. He has shared his home with 3 cats but we are told he would growl at them if they went near him when he had a treat. Cooper has not shared his home with another dog. He tends to ignore dogs he see here at the centre. He may prefer not to share his space with another dog. Cooper has been used to going in his crate when his owner has been out for an hour or so as he can shred mail which comes through the letter box. We are told he is fine in the car but has not been out in it much. Cooper loves to be kept active and would appreciate some more guidance on what is expected from him.


Cooper was handed in for rehoming after he snapped at his owner. His owner was trying to get him back in the gate but Cooper was reluctant, and when he was grabbed by the collar he snapped and made contact to his owners hand. Coopers owner reports that his behaviour changed since he had not been getting as much exercise or mental stimulation.

Re-homing Criteria

He requires a patient owner who knows he lacks guidance of what is expected from him. Cooper will need help with touch training in order to realise that close contact is not threatening. He will also need recall training to realise that being called results in a positive reward. Cooper needs a home without children.

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