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Reference: 18/263
Approx Age: 8 years


Once Lackie knows you he can be very affectionate. He does however let you know when he wants his space from interaction, especially if he has his favourite toy. Lackie loves to play ball and enjoys his walks and running in the paddock. Despite the fact he only has 3 legs this does not hinder him and he is able to zoom about without difficulty. Lackie has lived with children aged 2, 5 and 8 years old previously who we are told he was fine with. He does however need his space when he has toys and is very greedy with food so this must be considered if he was to be around children again. Lackie is house trained and knows basic commands. He has lived with another dog at one stage in his history who he was okay with, however he can be reactive to some new dogs. Lackie also shared his home with a cat and a rabbit. 


Lackie was brought into us as his owner could not afford his medical treatment. 

Re-homing Criteria

Lackie has an ongoing skin condition which is able to be managed. Since coming into the centre he has responded well to the treatment we have given him. We have seen a vast improvement in his skin due to medicated shampoo, prednisolone  tablets and hypoallergenic food as well as ear drops. The quantity of medication and frequencey of his medication has been reduced as he has responded well, however future adopters must consider that this will need to be monitiored and will be ongoing. 

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