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Reference: 18.205
Approx Age: 7 years


Meg is a petite tricolor collie cross with an easy-care smooth coat.  She is a star on her forest walks off lead as she has such a good recall.  She is not a vocal dog.  She is being fostered with 5 border collies and is getting on pretty well although she does give some pretty brisk correction to our young hooligan.  She is sound with stock and gun fire.  Meg travels well; she walks (and runs) nicely on lead.  She seems quite happy in her own company (although she loves attention and being petted) so she could probably be left for a few hours. 


Meg was a farm dog and lived outside.  She has settled in well as a house dog although some things like the TV are new to her (she now ignores it and goes to sleep like the rest of us!)  She is a naturally clean dog rather than being completely house-trained but we are getting her into a routine and have had very few soiling incidents.

Re-homing Criteria

Meg would probably be easiest as an only dog but could live in company with others, given some care in managing feeding (she is very food orientated).  She would like being able to patter about and sniff outside, especially if she can be around her people.  She has never met cats.  We would not recommend that she is homed with small children.

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