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Reference: 18/188
Approx Age: 8 years, 8 months


Shay is quite the lovable rogue.  He is fine to walk with female dogs but does not get along with males.  His table manners are not the best so care has to be taken when giving him treats as he tends to snatch at them.  With some positive training this problem should be able to be sorted out.  He will also require some assistance with his house training. Shay is very people friendly, however care has to be taken if picking him up. With a little effort and assistance Shay should become a lovely companion.  Shay does unfortunately have a grade 4 heart murmur which means he will be on medication for the remainder of his life.  Financial support for this medication will be available for any adopter who might otherwise be put off by cost.  It is not known if Shay has been around cats before.


Shay was rescued from a Dog pound.  He had been surrendered by an elderly owner who unfortunately was no longer able to care for him.

Re-homing Criteria

Due to Shay's lack of table manners, we will not be rehoming him to a home with young children in case of an accident.  He will require quite an experienced home with someone who is prepared through positive training techniques to help him with his behaviour.

Homefinder Questionnaire

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