Happy Endings

Daisy is doing great!

good afternoon 

Daisy here!


I am loving my new life with my new family , i have settled in really well and i even have a new name which i love . 

i can sometimes get distracted on my walks especially if there are other dogs in the field i tend to close my ears and not listen to my mum! 

I have lots of new  doggy friends , my best friend is Toby, he comes with his mum and dad mainly his mum ( lab x rottie)

i love nothing more to snuggle up with my mum on the sofa watching tv. 

i try really hard to look after my toys , i love a good play with my family in the garden, i have a huge garden to run around in , i am a bit clumsy though and i can sometimes knock things over in the garden and get a bit of a telling off 


anyways better go and catch up on my sleep

lots of love 


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