Happy Endings

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Matilda has a new name

“She is such a sweetheart.
A great friend for Sookie who she never lets out her sight.
Everyone who meets her says what a cute pup she is. Then I have to point out that she actually about 3!
She’s not bothered by the hens, but loves to eat their poo... And roll in it. And badger poo. And fox poo. Basically she’s a poo magnet. 
She’s still a bit scared of the cats but that’s no bad thing considering there are 6 of them!  
It’s taken a couple of weeks to gain her confidence but she’s getting there. And she’s loving life and we’re all loving her. She's a little pocket rocket and the first few days out with Sookie it looked like she was literally leaping for joy. 

We’ve been able to have her off the lead after a couple of days as well because she’s always glued to Sookie. 

She’s a little cracker... apart from the poo rolling.”


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