Happy Endings

Rex is living his best life!

Many of you may remember this cheeky little face, Rex was brought into the centre for rehoming back at the beginning of August 2018. He was a bouncy, loving, happy little dog with a great nature. All staff and volunteers at the kennels completely fell in love with him. Due to no fault of his own he was here for a few months while we kept up the hunt for a perfect home. As I'm sure you will all be happy to know, we had success in November with finding him a very energetic home where he will get all the love, attention and exercise he needs. We have had a few updates from him and loads of great photos. Its clear to see he is having the time of his life and is loving his new family.


“We’re having a wonderful holiday with all the children and Rex. He has so very quickly become the most incredible part of our family and we feel so very privileged to have him in our lives. He has come on so much in the last few weeks. He is walking with us off the lead, coming to his name and waiting. He has stopped chasing after other dogs although loves socialising with them still.“

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