Happy Endings


Dan is a new man!

“You may remember Dan, when we first saw him , he was a skinny little thing and we wondered if he might even have a little spaniel in him. Dan has been with us now for 3 years, and has proved to be a true Border collie. 

It has been tough at times, for him and us. He was very nervous, constantly worrying about doing the right thing, and often used to 'freeze' and/or run back to his 'safe place'. …….his bed or the car, which he loves.

But after a lot of love, patience, and some serious sheep dog training (for him and me!) with a breeder and sheep dog trainer, he is a happy and settled little boy with impeccable manners. A real joy. People absolutely love him and he is a big hit with children, the elderly and sick.  He is very loving and gentle. We thought you might like to see him now, this picture was taken about a week ago on one of our favourite daily walks.

Stay safe everyone.”


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