Happy Endings

Flo HE.png

Our Flo is now a happy girl!

“Hi just an update on Flo. All going well. Her recall on extending lead is good and we are now going to take her to the beach on long line. We are going to try training her to a whistle as we live so close the the woods with deer etc in case she ever dashed off by accident. She is fine on lead with hens free roaming in the garden (we share oatcakes together) and sits in front of their run on guard when they are confined. She has stopped monitoring our every move and is chilled enough to stay in the living room while we go about the house. She is eating every meal up straight away, probably from all the exercise! She is very reactive to noises - little things like a neighbours door banging - but it’s just barking to alert us. We can work with her to settle this. She is soft as anything and loves a tummy tickle, and a good brush. No accidents in the house at all. And she is settled at night. We think she is happy - she definitely is when she smells squirrel.”


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