Happy Endings

Cuddles HE.png

Cuddles has retired in style

“Was it fate or intuition on the part of your rehomer, Cathy, that brought cuddles bounding through our gate on that March day? 

I had made tentative enquiries, not sure that we could find a dog that would fit with the cat that had strayed into the house two years ago. I wanted a smaller, older dog to spend his twilight years with us. Cuddles is twelve going on two years old. He is a Jack Russell cross Shih Tsu and from his appearance that day, a touch of abominable snowman. 

He had been a troubled lad when he first came to the rescue due to changes in circumstances, but with patient care the staff at the centre had unlocked his potential. 

He burst into our lives full of curiosity, fun and energy. He loves affection and spends his days pottering about with us as we do our chores. He struts around the garden like lord of the manor. We can take him anywhere and he will behave like the star he is, relishing the fuss and attention.

He’ll greet you with his favourite ball in his mouth very pleased to show it off, but not to give it up. That requires negotiation with a little treat. Similarly with the cherished dung he brings in from the garden!

He is first and foremost a people dog. Other dogs are mostly treated with polite indifference and the cat scarcely crosses his radar. 

Above all he has brought such love and joy into our lives all due to your inspired matchmaking. 


P.S. He doesn't look like the abominable snowman any more with his summer haircut.”


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