Happy Endings

Harley and Lupin HE.png

Together forever!

These two beautiful faces came in together when their previous owner hit hard times and was no longer able to care for them. We were delighted when we found a home for them to go to together. 

“Hello everyone!
Lupin and Harley settled straight away for us - as soon as you left we played ball outside until they were tired then they fell asleep on their beds.
They are such a tonic for us at the moment. We lost our beloved whippet, Poppy, in July and there was such a void in the house without her.
Our daughter, Emily, is delighted to have cuddles and kisses again , especially when she comes home from school.
I’m home all day because of health issues, my husband is recovering from an accident so he’s currently here too, and Em’s off for half term so they’re never short of attention!
We are delighted to have been able to keep them together, and give them all the love and care we can for the rest of their days.”


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