Happy Endings

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Rafie is one lucky girl!

We were over the moon to hear from our gorgeous girl Rafie. She found herself down on her luck and in need of help finding a new home back in the summer. This girl quite enjoyed kennel life and LOVED all her doggy and human friends here but it didn't take her long to find her perfect match. She is doing great! We love you Rafie! 

"Rafie is loving her new home and she’s settled into our family really well, she must be the most loved dog I know as none of us can pass her without clapping her or rubbing her tummy. Stuart has been letting her on the couch so now she thinks this is her bed but he loves her so much he’ll let her away with anything. 

She usually has 2 decent walks per day and she loves to play with a stick when she’s out. She still likes a bit of cheese and definitely won’t say no to a bit of chicken in fact she wouldn’t say no to most foods but we keep the human food to a minimum. She loves meeting other dogs when she’s out and loves to play. She hasn’t taken to my mother in laws Westie though, they are ok around each other for a bit then they end up snapping at each other. We have decided not to train her off the lead but occasionally we let her off at the bottom of our street, she usually just wanders up to our door but one night she decided to go and explore a neighbours house as his door was open. 

Rafie seems to be very happy and has settled really well into our family. We all love her so much and don’t know what we ever did without her. She is just the best."


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