Happy Endings

hugo and lulu.jpg

Hugo and Lulu have found eachother!

“A week before Christmas we rescued Lulu our beautiful friendly six-month-old stray. She settled in with us amazingly quickly and won everyone’s hearts. Within a couple of weeks it felt like she had always been here. 

So when the call came in regarding a 10 week old Great Dane puppy we definitely were NOT looking to take on another one right away. But just one look at Hugo and we were smitten! Especially after hearing of his sad start in life. We knew we had no choice but to bring him home too!
He was a very quiet shy wee puppy to begin with, but that didn’t last long at all and a few weeks later he is a lively wee boy interested in everything going on around him both inside and outside the house. Although his favourite spot is still hogging the radiator in the kitchen he does love his walks, his food, Lulu his big pal (for now at least!) and us (hopefully?) He is already becoming quite a wee character and everyone who meets him ( humans & dogs ) thinks he is adorable, which he is of course! 

Lulu took to Hugo right away and soon got used to having to share everything with him.
She loves being outside running free and we’ll never forget the look of sheer joy on her wee face when she was allowed off her lead in the garden for the first time! She is so full of energy and wants to play with every dog we meet. She has made lots of doggy friends ( mostly male I should add! ) and all their owners comment on how pretty she is!

In fact everyone we meet can’t believe they are both rescue pups, but that’s the world we live in I suppose and we are both so glad they came into our lives and now can’t imagine being without them.

They are both going to keep growing (in Hugo’s case literally overnight!!) and developing into well behaved happy young dogs and we are looking forward to being part of their journey. Once Hugo has helped Lulu master her fear of getting in the
car then hopefully the journey will take us further than the edge of the village? 

We have absolutely no regrets at all at taking on Lulu & Hugo the rewards we get from seeing them happy and settled and playing together more than make up for the hard work involved in bringing up 2 pups at the same time!”


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