Happy Endings

A quick catch up with our Magnus!

"Dear Rescue people 


The people who call themselves Mum and Dad seem to think that I have very big paws and am rather puppy like whatever that is. I had a quick growl at another dog in Castle Douglas but  apparently they don’t like that . 

Long journey to my new home but apart from licking Dad’s ear some of the time I slept very nicely in the back of the car. 


The new kennels place called “ home” is rather strange - the floors warm my toes which I like. It smells of another dog which I can’t see but its strange?

I did see another dog that looks EXACTLY like me on the other side of a thing called a window, I woofed at him but Mum and Dad collapsed in laughter .  

Lots of things worry me like the noise of the curtains closing, then the computer makes a noise and if a door bangs and I am a bit unsure of men, though dad is ok . 

You will be pleased to know that I have marked my territory but they have asked if I could confine that to the outside in future, weird, it is much warmer inside . 


The food is up to scratch, they have loads of play things for me though mum said “ If he goes on like that he’ll wreck the joint! 

I hate it when one of them isn’t there or on the other side of a door, that has to be fixed, and there are things here called “ stairs” which are completely alien to me, I suppose I’ll work them out. Met a couple of Mum and Dad’s friends who say things like “ Gorgeous and  handsome” …good to see the old charm offensive works as well it did with you. I have a basket to sleep in tonight……yeah right , I have found something far more to my liking …..prise me off this if you will. 


Anyway just a word to say I’m ok and to thank you for being my friends when I got lost.  Bye for now, might send you some more of my travels but its cosy here and I think it is time for a nap .


Love  Magnus”

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