Happy Endings

Duffy has a new job!

Well, what can I say? It’s been a very interesting fortnight! Firstly, my name has been changed to Duffy so that’s taken a little getting used to. Secondly, I have two new humans who, I might add, insist on using babyish sounds and talking in high-pitched voices and calling me ‘Duffy-Dumpling’ or 'Scruffy-Duffy'. Humph! Please, stop it, my street-cred will be non-existent shortly. Aside from not wanting to have my manhood disputed in front of the attractive little canine next door, I may also need credible deniability that you and I are acquainted, let alone live together!

Thirdly, I have a new job… well, someone has to earn some money for treats. I am currently being employed by a local Architectural Office who were very impressed with my shredding skills, my new formal appointment is an ‘eco-friendly paper shredder’. I have met many interesting, friendly humans who I meet-and-greet (apparently also part of my job description!), they make a big fuss so I just sit and look cute (obviously this comes naturally). It must be the best job in the world as my humans work colleagues bring me in a few treats and I even get to have a few naps on a bed my human made up for me under her desk (I think that’s what she calls it… personally I’d call it a bombsite!).

My home-life is amazing. I have settled into a good routine; 2 walks a day, lots of cuddles, one third of the sofa in the evening between my two humans (where I get to watch the Soaps, Documentaries, canine-orientated adverts… which always gets my attention, and a few scary films which frankly, I am far too young to be subjected to!) but the best part is I get 2 meals per day plus lots of treats my humans call ‘rewards’.Yummmmm! I am now fully house-trained and have started to get the hang of coming in from the garden when called... what can I say, I'm treat orientated! 

I have three visiting little humans who come regularly and bring treats, they love to play and make a fuss, I also meet up with my new canine besties, Homer and Tia, at the weekend. I have yet to meet Lady, who is a beautiful, friendly greyhound  but she apparently likes to chase small, furry critters, or so I've been told, so we have a date night in the park next week. Watch this space. Does life get any better than this???

I would like to thank my previous owners for their obvious sincere devotion through my early months and for giving me this opportunity to find my 'forever home'. I would also like to give special thanks to Dumfries & Galloway Canine Rescue Centre for their interim care and devotion while I made the transition.

Thank you all.

Duffy, formally known as Oscar (and currently also known as Duffy-Dumpling and Scruffy-Duffy. Humph!) x 

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