Happy Endings

Rico has found his happily ever after!

Dear canine rescue,

It’s me Rico!!! I was Benny for all of 5 mins but I made it clear I didn’t like that name by simply ignoring! I listen to My name more now “Rico” and can now give paws and high fives! I LOVE a treat. My favourite thing apart from playing fetch or squeaking my ball right in my owners faces is going on a walk, there is so much to smell and so many birds. I still pull on my lead sometimes... but only when I’m excited or  really need a pee but only want that one spot!! 

Oh did I mention I’m 1 now!! Yup and I got doggy bones made for me which I chucked about the house in excitement. I still have puppy behaviour. Did I mention I tried to pull my bed apart, ooh food! I should mention I get distracted easily: shadows, birds, food, strange noises.

I looove cuddling up and a tummy rub!

I think this is my forever home now even when I am a little cheeky! So Thankyou for looking after me and I hope to see you again soon (I’ve heard I might be coming to the paddock in the summer!!!)

Jumping around and wet noses from Rico”

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