Happy Endings

Jake is doing great!


         We adopted Jake from you a little while ago and I thought I'd let you know how he's getting along.  Jake has settled in well and has very much made himself part of the family, he's responding well to training and loves nothing more than to be outside chasing tennis balls!  We've taken the time to introduce Jake to the various livestock around us and so far, he's not really shown much interest in them apart from chasing the odd cow away from his garden fence, though there seems to be no malice from him.

Jake's eating well and is of a good weight with the usual high energy levels from a collie, he's friendly and affectionate and I'm pleased to report he only jumps up when invited to do so and he's getting better with being left alone for short periods.  We've also done work with him to discourage him mouthing on people and so far, all seems to be going well.


Thanks again for letting Jake complete our little home.

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