Happy Endings


Teddy has settled in nicely

Well it’s now a full month since Teddy came to live with us.  Life since the day he came home has been filled with a lot of laughter, cuddles and fun.  We are all enjoying getting to know our beautiful new friend Teddy, who has light up every corner of our lives. The girls adore him and fuss him endlessly which he finds to his great pleasure.  In particular, our dog Joe is delighted to have a new pal. Joe has learned to be aware of his size and is ever so gentle and careful during play, it’s lovely to see them together. Teddy and him are getting on really well, each of them shows great respect, companionship and a sense of fun and adventure together.  They sleep together, play together with all sorts of toys and games and then snuggle together on the rug by the fire at night.  

Teddy is eating well and finishes his meals, he loves to tuck into his bone or nylabone afterwards which is great for his teeth.  He’s walking really well on the lead and enjoys an early morning walk with Joe and afternoon plays in the field with their ball.  He really likes sniffing and finds lots to explore here in our field.  He’s very fond of our pet rabbit and would spend hours sitting by her in the run, trying to lick her every time she’s near.  He follows the sheep, barks at the Shetland and is fascinated by our birds.  

 Teddy’s recall is improving daily.  He’s responding well to his name though still occasionally ‘forgets’ who Teddy is so Joe will go to him and entice him along which works really well.  He loves Harrington treats and a play with his tennis ball so he’ll race back indoors for one of them!! 

 Teddy may need to have a little surgery on his eyes to hopefully clear his tear ducts which may be blocked (or non existent).  We are for the moment trialling daily bathing of his eyes to see if this alleviates the staining and clears things up (hoping it may have been allergy or stress related excess) but if not, we will reconsider surgery. 

 We could not have hoped to find such a perfect companion and we are absolutely delighted you allowed us to rehome Teddy.  He’s now in his forever home and we hope if you are to go back to Teddy’s first owners with an update, you can reassure him that he’s happy, well and safe.  We hope they will no longer worry about him albeit we are sure they will no doubt miss him.  


Keep up your great work at the centre.

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