Happy Endings


Ziggy is doing great.

Hi there!  

Ziggy is such a good boy, he has settled so well, and is loving all his adventures with his new family!

He loves going everywhere we go, and enjoys being in the car with us. He recently had his first groom, and he was patient and relaxed getting it done, which was a relief!

We have discovered that he loves being in water, so all of his walks now have to incorporate either a beach or a stream! He is relaxed and calm around other dogs, and loves nothing more than to play fetch with his ball. He loves being out in the garden, but always finds time for a belly rub. He is a loveable, cuddly pooch! 

He now has pride of place in our king-size bed, and generously allows us to share it with him at night! 

He has brought us all so much joy in such a short period of time, and made our little family complete.


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